The Taman Dayu Pandaan

City of Festivals

The Taman Dayu is a  joint operation project between the Company and PT. Taman Dayu.(wholly owned subsidiary of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk)Located 50 km south of Surabaya andit is developed as residential estate with recreation theme, this project aims the middle and upper class customers as its target customers.andbuilt on 600 hectare of land at 300 – 600 metres above sea level.This project has been equipped with exclusive facilities such as international golf course, water park, and outbound park. In 2007, The Taman Dayu launched Pandaan CBD, a commercial district at the gate of The Taman Dayu. It is planned to catch not only the residents of the project but also people in Pandaan city.

The Taman Dayu
Jl. Raya Surabaya Malang Km 48
Pandaan 67156
Tel. : +62 343 641888
Fax : +62 343 633409